Teacher’s Training


Workshops and Interactive Sessions for Teachers

Workshops for teachers are helpful to renovate existing methods, introduce child-friendly environment and bring attitude level changes for developing team spirit and enhancing interpersonal relations.

Workshop is also helpful in understanding importance of various methodologies in teaching and how to make teaching interesting and effective for students.

List of the workshop for teachers

  1. Understanding of CCE
  2. Life Skills (Thinking Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Skills)
  3. Attitude and Values
  4. Gender Sensitivity
  5. Effective Classroom Management
  6. Team Work and Collective Management
  7. Leadership and Decision Making
  8. Empathy
  9. Understanding learning style of students
  10. Importance of behavioral skills in teaching
  11. Importance of Listening and Speaking Skills
  12. Understanding adolescent behavior
  13. Effective behavior management
  14. Use of teaching aids for classroom
  15. Improvement of Leadership Skills for students
  16. Effective Communication Skills
  17. Stress Management
  18. Time Management
  19. Interpersonal Skills
  20. Motivation
  21. Team Building
  22. Presentation Skills
  23. Remedial Teaching
  24. Personality Development
  25. Recording & Documentation on CCE
  26. Subject Specific Activity Preparation
  27. Competency building in Pedagogy strategies and Formative Assessments for Teachers
  28. Child Psychology
  29. Story Narration
  30. Story Telling, writing and translation