Biofeedback Xpert


Biofeedback Xpert – the multi-media system from SCHUHFRIED

Used in pain therapy, psychotherapy and physiotherapy, in mental training and in health management

Measurement of all relevant parameters

Biofeedback Xpert is the all-in-one package that provides everything that biofeedback trainers and therapists need in their everyday work.


All relevant physiological parameters can be measured and displayed, including

icon-check respiration icon-check skin conductance icon-check temperature icon-check heart rate variability icon-check pulse icon-check muscle tension icon-check motility

Cordless training

In our innovative biofeedback system the readings are transmitted wirelessly (using Bluetooth® technology). The small, lightweight POINTs are worn directly on the body. The absence of cables ensures a pleasant setting. The trainee is able to move freely, and the training situation more closely resembles real life.



Modular structure

All the software and hardware modules can be used in any combination. The system can thus be fully personalized and is highly flexible. If you extend the scope of your activities, additional POINTs can be quickly and easily added to the existing system to suit the new requirements.

With the easy-to-use administration software, trainings can be managed comfortably.


This opens up new uses – for example:









Physiological parameters associated with anxiety states or phobias can be measured in real-life situations (e.g. on a staircase or balcony for clients with a fear of heights).


The system can be used in the workplace to reduce muscular tension by correcting physical posture.


Biofeedback allows an enlightening monitoring of the body functions during the training.


More effective exercises can be used in ergotherapy, for example in sensomotor/perceptive or motor/functional treatment.


Easy-to-use software, user-friendly sensors

The user interface of Biofeedback Xpert is clearly laid out and easy to understand. With just a few mouse clicks training can begin. The analysis is well structured and designed with clarity in mind.
All sensors are easy to use. Color-coded jack plugs and quick-connect components make the biofeedback system quick and easy to set up. The sensors can be used with all commonly used disposable electrodes.
The sensors are ultra-sensitive and precise – while also being highly stable against artifacts. Biofeedback Xpert meets the requirements of the German Medical Products Act and is registered with the FDA. Biofeedback experts are happy to pass on their know-how and expertise to you in a wide range of workshops and seminars.

Allows group sessions

Biofeedback Xpert can display the readings from up to seven radio POINTs and 32 channels (parameters) on one screen. This means that several people can train simultaneously and makes it possible to display changes in physiological parameters arising from interactions between individuals.


Individually adaptable

An extensive library of background pictures and music enables training sessions to be adapted to the individual user. You can even incorporate and use your own picture and music files. The features of the training session that are displayed on the screen are also variable: with just a mouse click the readings of individual modules can be shown or removed.

Basic training programs

at a glance

RESP – Relaxation exercises

Line feedback

Threshold value training

Volume feedback

Audio feedback

Special training programs

at a glance

Price List

Standard Package: Rs. 12 Lakhs + GST@12%

Advance Package: Rs. 22 Lakhs + GST@12%

BFBEL – Tolerance Test

BFEDA – SCL Relaxation Exercises

BFEMG – Electromyography

BFHRV – Heart rate variability

BFKON – Confrontation with picture sequences

BFMUSK – Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

BFREC – Voice and Video Recorder

BFRESP – Breathing Exercises

BFSTAT – Statistical Module

BFSTR – Activation Screening

BFVASO – Blood Circulation

BFVID – Confrontation with video sequences