Child Counselling


We Understand what your child needs at an early age. Help them to achieve better by our unique child counselling process and make a successful path for them!

Child counselling is a safe and comforting space for the young children, teens and adolescents to express, explore and learn. The counsellor’s focus is on the child and the parents to help the child to cope up with the challenges they face, learn new skills, adapt better to their challenges and grow through it to be more fully themselves. Child counselling also provides aid to youths, who have experienced trauma, and/or who are experiencing a dysfunctional or stressful home environment. Child counselling can be extremely helpful for children suffering from anxiety, depression or grief.

Signs Your Child May Need Child Counselling

Loss of interest in activities
You will see your kid losing interest in their school, tuition, and all these are affecting the grades. Not just academics, the kid will not be interested in playing outdoor games.


Unable to concentrate
Your kid is not able to concentrate on studies or any subject. They try a lot to perform well, but they become helpless.
Sudden drop in grades
All of a sudden, your kid’s grades get down; even after studying a lot, they aren’t able to score much.No stability
Your kid just moves here and there. They aren’t stable at a place; they don’t want to interact and be with people. The kid keeps on doing random activities that may affect them or you.
Constant fear
Your kid has this constant fear of losing. They don’t even give a try to go to new competitions or games. They create lots of self-doubt at an early age.


Physical illness
Mental health of a child often gets reflected by physical illness. You will see drastic weight loss or weight gain in your kid. They will have sores, headaches, or backache.


Benefits of Child Counselling


Boosted Confidence

Child counselling helps a kid to boost their confidence. They don’t feel shy or incompetent while performing any academic. They will fearlessly fetch the opportunity and will do it competently.

Recognize new strength

As our child behavioural therapist performs different activities, your child will be able to recognize their strengths and weak points. They will know their choices and likes more.

Improved academics

You will see a gradual increase in academics; they will study their subjects without you asking or forcing them.

Physical fitness

As your kid will become more active through outdoor games, they will get fit physically. The chances of flu and other diseases slow down because of physical fitness.

Social skills


Your kid will no more keep themselves isolated at a place. They will develop new social skills; they will make new friends, which helps them to do better in academics.


Playful and joyous


There are many activities done during child counselling. This makes the kid more playful, and they enjoy every little event, just like the way a kid does.