Psychological Testing

Wondering where to take your brief psychological test? We have licensed psychologists to help you provide the proper assessment along with a tailored treatment guide!

Psychological tests for clinical-neuropsychological assessment

Would you like to spend less time laboriously scoring paper-and-pencil tests and instead utilize all the advantages of digital testing? Do you need a wide range of tests that assess neuropsychologically relevant dimensions?

Identification of the type and localization of brain damage does not in itself provide sufficient information about the extent (quantitative) and nature (qualitative) of any functional impairment. Reliable and valid neuropsychologically relevant tests and efficient treatment methods are needed if functional impairments are to be assessed in both quantitative and qualitative terms and subsequently treated.

The Vienna Test System NEURO is precisely tailored to this problem and offers valid neuropsychological assessment without much effort.

Neuropsychological performance assessment of diseases

·         Early detection of dementia (CFD)

·         Impairment of basic cognitive functions (COGBAT)

·         Impairment of fitness to drive (DRIVESC2)

·         ADHD of adults (CFADHD)

·         Schizophrenic Disorders (CFSD)


Psychological test is also called psychometric test, in this process, the psychologists carry out a systematic use of tests to evaluate psychophysical behaviour, abilities and problems to make predictions about psychological performance. These tests are the written, verbal, visual evaluations regulated to analyse the cognitive and emotional functioning of children as well as adults. These tests are also helpful in analysing a variety of mental abilities and attributes, including achievement and ability, personality, and neurological functioning.



When to take psychological tests?
  • Diagnose mental health-related issues
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Difficulty in school
  • Difficulty at the workplace
  • Problems in personal relationships
  • Anger issues
How will psychological tests help you understand yourself?
  • Identify the core issues

  • Assessing medical disorders

  • Improve workplace efficiency

  • Improve academics

  • Better interaction

  • Recover from mental illness

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