Drivers Assessment Programme


Drivers Assessment and Training Programme

Drivers Training

We provide customized safety assessment and training programme for drivers including psychometric assessment, Behavioral and Soft Skills training. Customized training programme for drivers is helpful in creating a new approach to deliver values at work. We assist them to become an outstanding performer in their field as they come to know their unique style of success. We also enable professionals to formulate a future vision and align whole team with their objectives. We design, develop and deliver programmes to bridge the gap between the organizational objectives and individual endeavors.

Benefits of Training

  • To Improve the Reaction Time, Concentration, Memory, Alertness ability among drivers which are an important cause of Road Accidents now a days
  • Infuses the sense of belongingness in the team and thus helps in developing team sprit
  • Eliminates the barriers in communication and build up effective communication process
  • Helps to establish constructive approach for resolving conflicts
  • Brings in the effectual time management skills
  • Helps to develop positive attitude towards work and organization
  • Brings commercial sense


All the training sessions would be facilitated by using some or all of the following methodologies:

  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Instructor Led Discussions
  • Individual/ Group Presentations
  • Audio-Visuals
  • Case Studies
  • Simulation
  • Role-Play/Games
  • Pen-down exercises