Career Guidance Programme


We provide three kinds of assessment & counseling services for schools:

  1. Career Services
  2. Workshops & Interactive Sessions
  3. Developmental Assessment Counseling



Career Assessment for 9th to 12th class students

  • Personality Assessment
  • Aptitude Test
  • Interest Assessment

Career Counseling: Career counseling is an interpersonal process designed to assist students in choosing appropriate career options according to one’s interest, aptitude and personality characteristics.

 Possible Outcomes: Our ‘Career Services are significantly helpful for the students in choosing appropriate study stream and making right career decision.


 Developmental Assessment:

For class 6th to 8th  students

  1. Visual-Motor Integration (mental ability)
  2. Learning Style
  3. Multiple Intelligence

Educational/ Behavioral Counseling: This one-on-one process provides a platform for students to share their issues and doubts related to education and behavior with the team of expert counselors.

Possible Outcomes: For this level, the assessment process would identify the learning preferences and various kinds of intelligence for planning and developing better learning strategies.

For Class 2nd to 5th

  1. Visual-Motor Integration (mental ability)
  2. Visual Memory
  3. Verbal Memory
  4. Reading Tool
  5. Knowledge of Self
  6. Knowledge of Surroundings
  7. Saccades/Concentration level
  8. Directionality

 Possible Outcomes: The scientific process of assessment would be quite helpful in finding out the level of eye-hand coordination, memory, reading skills, concentration span of the child to determine the child’s level of readiness for formal education.